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We are Denise and Jay Hutchins. We are 4th generation flower bulb people and as a family, we have planted more bulbs than you can shake a stick at! 10's of thousands by hand, and since 2015, MORE THAN 2.5 MILLION BULBS mechanically, like we do here. Jay is a Judge for the National Daffodil Society and along with general flower bulb knowledge has helped design and install mass plantings at Botanical Gardens, Cemeteries, Roadsides and Residential locations from as far north as Rye, NY and as far south as Fort Worth, TX. With all that Jay knows about Daffodils, Denise is as knowledgeable in all other flower bulbs, their growth habits, bloom times, and more.  We have a son, Van, who would LOVE for you to know that he named this company himself after we couldn't come up with something we liked as much. We still are involved with our family's flower bulb business, and partner with them in the installation of quality flower bulbs for guaranteed results. 


We have been planting bulbs for a long time as a family. We take great care and pride in offering the best recommendations for where to add color to your landscape, which bulbs work best for your environment, and how to care for them to encourage beautiful bloom displays every Spring for years to come.


We take care of your project from start to finish. From site inspections, utility checks, flower recommendations, clean installation, follow-ups in the Spring, and more. We treat you as we would want to be treated. And let's be honest, we may actually want this to succeed more than you do! What we install this Fall, we hope last you decades. One installation, years of happiness from you.


We customize your color landscape installation based on your input and our planting expertise. Have a favorite color scheme? Want to have a thin, whispy natural look? Or would a bold, thick river be more your style? Just let us know and we will select the appropriate bulbs to fit your needs, your style, and your planting zone. We want you, and anyone else who sees your beautiful Spring display, to be 100% satisfied. We're here for you. Contact us and we'll start the conversation today.

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